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Want to keep your business growing?

Your website is crucial to your growth and success. When operating seamlessly with your goals, your website will engage your current customer base and generate new customers. Your site is your marketing partner.
But, it needs attention to ensure its vitality. We are a full-service solution to maintaining that vitality while you can focus on what you do best, running your business. 

It's complicated.

Many of our clients find that they are on top of adding content to their website, keeping the site fresh and new for their audience. Yet behind the scenes activities, such as WordPress core updates, improving performance, ensuring site security, updating widgets and plugins, and changes to themes fall by the wayside.

Is keeping your website running and safe a priority but you don't have the time?

Our 3 website care packages will bring you peace of mind and assurance that you meet your business objectives. Put your website in the hands of us and you’ll get a good night’s sleep. Our team understands your business, website, and needs. Get started now with our Business, Pro and Premium solutions.


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This monthly plan is by credit card. If you prefer to pay by check that’s fine too, we will bill you by the quarter, 1/2 year, or yearly. You can cancel or change plans at any time.

If you don’t see the category above we can add any customization for $25 per quarter-hour.
Or you can order “Time Blocks”. Time Blocks includes anything that we offer in blocks of $500, $1500, and $3000 paid in advance.  We will work on tasks and at the end of the week, we will tell you how much time is left.

If you are not an existing client we need to do a website assessment on your website. The price is $200 – $800 depending on the complexity of your website.

How Our Clients Feel...

"Carey is a very patient and thorough designer. He has done a lovely job on my website and I have gotten lots of compliments!"
Paula B
"I have worked with Carey numerous times on projects ranging from web design, SEO, social media, video production to graphic design. His excellent work is always delivered in a timely manner and skillfully done. I appreciate Carey's keen ability to comprehend my design issues and work efficiently [and patiently] in creating professional solutions. Additionally, Carey is able to explain technical issues in easily understood terms. I highly recommend."
Marry W